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In different phrases, like sure different species on this planet, sand flies are keen to go out of their manner to trace down marijuana. Martinez says. “It is slightly cat and mouse game. He says a wall would be a deterrent. Give border brokers extra time to reply. Laredo is on the shortlist to get a wall, however the city’s mayor, Pete Saenz, is opposed to the idea. “We do not want a bodily wall,” Saenz informed NPR in an interview. “We have a pure barrier. Throughout February and March, dozens of immigrants attempted to cross the Rio Grande into Eagle Pass. By the end of March, Trump declared he was chopping all foreign support, roughly $450 million, to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala — collectively recognized as the Northern Triangle. Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are a few of the most dangerous countries on Earth because of the violence perpetrated by 18th Street and rival gang MS-13, in response to investigative nonprofit Insight Crime. Back in Honduras, Zuniga’s neighborhood in the town of San Pedro Sula was dominated by the infamous 18th Street gang. On a nondescript avenue in Laredo, a large border metropolis about 125 miles south of Eagle Go, there’s an unassuming one-story beige constructing in-built 1969 under President Richard Nixon. Trump did not pick El Paso for his latest wall pitch by accident.

John Ferguson, the mayor of Presidio, a border town east of El Paso. In preparation for the caravan’s arrival, the US had beefed up border safety. I ask him where the wall would go if Trump’s plans fall into place. That’s in addition to the high-tech cameras, sensors and radar monitoring tools already in place to help monitor the 1,200 miles of Texas’ border with Mexico. Border Patrol already relies on a posh network of cameras, movies, drones and sensors to see at night time, into the water and via dense foliage. Together with cameras, Dodson uses handheld drones and buried seismic floor sensors to augment his work. To spot folks and automobiles crossing the border, they use all the pieces from the surveillance towers to radar- and laser-equipped drones to a complex system of ground, radio frequency, seismic and imaging sensors. Drones are simply the start in relation to high-tech border surveillance. Laredo is one of the top 5 border cities the place folks cross the river illegally.